The following regulation has been implemented to allow all guests to have a pleasant moment during the game and to create a unique atmosphere at Stade Saputo (the “stadium”). Our staff will apply these rules in a proactive way. Any violation could lead to an immediate eviction from the premises and/or handing over to the appropriate authorities and/or a revocation of the right to buy tickets. We thank you for your cooperation.

  • Guests must comply with the stadium security rules and to emergency measures taken by the staff which will be applied by security agents and stadium representatives;
  • Guests cannot interfere in the progress of the game, either by entering the field area, by throwing objects on the field or by intervening in any other way;
  • It is forbidden to display obscene, indecent or inappropriate messages on posters, clothes or any other piece or material;
  • It is forbidden to use another seat than the one attributed on your ticket and guests must provide their ticket when asked. The stadium reserves the right to relocate guests;
  • No readmission is allowed once you leave the stadium’s premises. In an emergency situation, please visit the customer service kiosk under section 123;
  • Food and drinks bought outside the stadium are not allowed in the stadium. There are many food stands at the stadium, as well as water fountains;
  • Guests consuming alcoholic beverages must do so in a responsible way. Guests who look to be intoxicated and/or unmanageable will not be tolerated inside the stadium. Stadium staff reserves the right to refuse to sell alcohol to a minor, to an intoxicated guest or to someone presenting wrong behaviour;
  • When the ball leaves the field area, guests must give the ball to a stadium staff member or to a ball kid;
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to vape inside the stadium, except in the smoking area located outside the stadium;
  • Distribution or use of flyers, prospectuses, stickers or any other form of advertising or propaganda is forbidden or must be preapproved by the stadium before circulation;
  • It is strictly forbidden to have in your possession within the stadium any form of fireworks, smoke bombs, rockets, incendiary devices or any other pyrotechnical products which have not been preapproved by the stadium before entry;
  • Violation of local, provincial and federal laws will not be tolerated at any time.
  • All CF Montreal ticket holders waive their rights to the use or broadcast of their image(s) taken inside or within the vicinity of Stade Saputo and Olympic Stadium and authorizes the Régie des installations olympiques, CF Montreal and its partners, the visiting club and its agents to use their image in video, photography or any other reproduction wholly or in part, from the event in question.

* Stade Saputo, Free 2 Play and CF Montreal reserve the right to modify the Code of Conduct, Rules & Regulations, Prohibited Items List, and policies or procedures at any time without notice to spectators.