Stade Saputo
4750, Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec H1V 3S8

Phone: 514-328-3668
Fax: 514-328-1287

Boutique CFM @ Stade Saputo hours: Wednesday to Friday – 10AM to 4PM

Joey Saputo
Gabriel Gervais
President & CEO
Olivier Renard
Vice-President and Chief Sporting Officer
Salvatore Rivera
Vice-president & Chief Financial Officer
Amélie Vaillancourt
Vice-president & Chief Human Resource Officer
Samia Chebeir
Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer
Nyeli Coulibaly
Executive Coordinator
Community Relations Foundation
Véronique Fortin
Community Relations & Executive Director, Montreal Impact Foundation
Alexandre Joyal
Coordinator, Community Relations & Foundation
Patrick Vallée
Director, Media and Production
Arcadio Marcuzzi
Manager, Media Relations
Rafael Figueroa
Manager, Communications
Jules Bouvier
Senior Videographer
Clément Bérard
Nicolas Legendre
Creative Content and Videographer
Akyta Chanthavisith
Graphic Designer
Charlotte Montminy
Director, Marketing & CRM
Patrick Leduc
Director, Soccer Culture & Stakeholder Relations
George Menexis
Manager Marketing
Kosta Kounadis
Marketing & Digital Content Creator
Catherine Paquette
Digital & In-Stadium Host
Cynthia Cianciusi
Marketing Project Manager
Brian Morin
Marketing & CRM Coordinator
Pierre-François Yves
Marketing and Content Strategist
Member Sales Services
Roberto Linhares
Director, Ticket Sales, Service & Operations
Massimo Bino
Manager, Ticket Sales, Service & Operations
Daren Narayanan
Consultant, Member Sales & Service
Azar-Charif Zahouane
Advisor, Ticket Sales
Alexandro Nolasco-Ruiz
Advisor, Ticket Sales
Antoine Cadieux-Perron
Advisor, Ticket Sales
Samuel Milhomme
Advisor, Ticket Sales
Fabien Flaman
Consultant, Membership Sales & Premium Experience
Sam Bien-Aimé
Consultant, Ticket Sales
Arthur Amilhaud
Consultant, Ticket Sales
Gabriel Lamberti-Liberta
Supervisor, Member Service
Lucas Blumenfeld
Consultant, Member Service
Corporate Partnerships
Anthony Pelletier
Director, Partnership
Lydia Mascitelli
Senior Account Manager, Partnership Activations & Services
Jean-Baptiste Cazalières
Senior Account Manager, Partnership Activations & Services
Carla Henriquez-Reyes
Account Manager
Salma Khaled
Account Manager
Simone Saputo
Specialist, Business Development - Partnerships
Emily Samuelian
Coordinator, Partnership
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Nathalie Vincent
F&B Director
Benoit Gaulin
F&B Manager
Martin Pelletier
F&B Analyst
Josée Girard
F&B Manager, Premium Service
Game Day, Stade Saputo & Training Facilities Operations
Michael Mabee
Senior Director, Operations
Marco De Stefano
Manager, Game Day Operations
Clara Lacroix
Coordinator, Game Day Operations
Stade Saputo Operations
Nicolas Dos Santos Borges
Manager, Stade Saputo Operations
Marie-Pier Dalpé
Coordinator, Stade Saputo Operations
Gaetan Bourdon
Technician, Stade Saputo Operations
Massymo Sparapani
Attendant, Stade Saputo Maintenance
Centre Nutrilait Operations
Pierre Robert
Manager, Operations Centre Nutrilait
Pierre (Pete) Payette
Coordinator, Operations Centre Nutrilait
Thomas Lepage
Park & Maintenance Attendant, Centre Nutrilait
Maxime Galarneau
Park & User Services Attendant, Centre Nutrilait
Félix-Olivier Pharand
Park & User Services Attendant, Centre Nutrilait
Ezéckiel Rochefort
Park & User Services Attendant, Centre Nutrilait
Joshua Vasquez
Laundry Attendant, Centre Nutrilait
Stade Saputo & Centre Nutrilait Sporting Grounds & Landscaping
James Johnson
Manager, Sporting Grounds & Landscaping, Stade Saputo and Centre Nutrilait
Mamadou Camara
Coordinator, Sporting Grounds & Landscaping
Wissam El Masri 
Coordinator, Sporting Grounds & Landscaping, Centre Nutrilait
Enzo Alexandre
Attendant, Sporting Grounds & Landscaping
Matthew Reich
Attendant, Sporting Grounds & Landscaping
Jean-François Carle
Lidia Padula
Senior Accountant
Anna Carmora
Accountant Technician
Alexandre Ferreira-Silva
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Payroll & Human Resources
Pamela Joyal
Advisor, Payroll & Human Resources
Information Technology
Information Technology
Roger Miron
Director, Information Technology
Deborah Kalinowski
Receptionist, Stade Saputo
Adèle Brodeur
Administrative Support Clerk