oyongo 2

Cameroonian Ambroise Oyongo has finally joined his new team, taking to the pitch with the group for the first time Friday morning after participating in African Cup matches with his native homeland.

We know that he is a left-footed defender who likes to push forward and help the attack. But what type of player is he?
Here are some thoughts from his former teammates: 
Thierry Henry: “He’s very active and has desire. You put him on the right, you put him as a left winger, you put him at left back. I’m sure you could put him at centre back, centre forward. I don’t know if he’ll be amazing out there, but he will try his best and that’s all you can ask of someone.”
Former Red Bulls head coach Mike Petke after a friendly versus Arsenal last summer: “Oyongo is a player that, within the next two years, big things can happen for him, globally. He’s a phenomenal young talent that seems to be improving on a weekly basis. If he continues to learn, continues to be willing to learn and keeps grounded, I think in the next two years he is going to be a big name.”
Tim Cahill: “He’s a great player. We’ve been focusing a lot on him and having a complete performance. I’m really happy for him because he’s a kid that wants to learn. When he first came into preseason, he was the guy in the gym I could always see early in the morning. Sometimes you think, ‘Is it going to last?’ It’s lasted with him, he gets it and he’s working hard.”
Source: newyorkredbulls.com