Cohesion and continuity rule the day in Orlando


The biggest difference between last season’s training camp and preseason this year is continuity.

Despite having a new coaching staff looking to implement a new way of doing things, the fact that most of the players from 2015 are returning helps with familiarity.

“The camaraderie and team spirit have resumed quickly,” said captain Patrice Bernier. “It’s just the first few days of camp, but it’s good to see the cohesion and fluidity in our play. Since we have a number of returning players and the group knows each other well, it shows in training.”

This makes a huge difference compared to last year’s training camp, not to mention that players don’t have the added objective of preparing for Champions League this season.

“We are focusing on fitness right now,” said Dominic Oduro. “Last year was very different with Champions League and it was like ‘BOOM’, we had to get ready fast. This season, we are easing into our fitness and team shape, and progressing every day.”