Players normally take to the pitch with smiles and laughter when they train but let's just say that there was a little less enthusiasm on Thursday, for this second day of training in Orlando.
That's because Impact fitness coach Yannick Girard was waiting for them with a test.  But not just any test.
“The Vameval physical test is one of the most important tests for endurance,” said new fitness coach Girard, who joined the club this year from the Academy. “Its objective is to evaluate players, not to see who is in shape and who isn't, but rather to see where they are today and to get a standard number that will allow us to plan for the next five weeks."
The test is basically a running track, where players perform laps at increasing intervals and have to push until they can’t run anymore, attaining their maximal aerobic speed. Based on the results, Girard can determine individual player needs and implement personalized programs to get them ready for the start of the season.
"When they reach their maximum, this enables us to create individual work groups over the next five weeks so that, even if they are at different levels, we can have the same progression for all players," continued Girard. "And they could be at their maximum performance at the cardio level."
While veterans Marco Donadel and Patrice Bernier pushed their limits, the final three players left were youngsters FC Montreal defender Thomas Meilleur-Giguère, 2016 SuperDraft pick Kyle Fisher and last man standing Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé.
“I’m just glad it’s over,” said midfielder Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé, who admitted he was a little ahead of the game physically after doing some work in the offseason to be ready for camp. “It’s only the start of camp so there is a lot of work left to do.”