New York City FC came into the league with all the bells and whistles that you could imagine from a club owned and operated by the New York Yankees and Manchester City FC, but on the field, the team has faded faster than Jermaine Defoe’s MLS love affair with the city of Toronto. IMFC will get a firsthand look this Saturday at 7pm (TVA Sports 2, TSN Radio 690).

Storied stadium
Located in the Bronx, the team plays in one of the most famous stadiums in the world - albeit notorious for an entirely different sport altogether. The Cathedral is home to baseball’s New York Yankees and the house that Ruth built (in spirit) now also houses NYCFC. Unfortunately, the friendly confines have not been kind to the teal blue colours, having won only once in seven games at home.
Difficult start
Even before the club played its first game, controversy impinged its inauguration when it was announced that the debut of Frank Lampard from the English Premier League would have to wait as his loan at Manchester City was extended, to the dismay of the club and its fans, as he was the second of two big name signings expected to help kickoff its foundational MLS season in style.
The Kid is not hot tonight
David Villa, nicknamed El Guaje (the kid), was the club’s other international star signed in the offseason, and although he played in the club’s inaugural opener, he’s yet to impress. The prolific goal scorer (250+ over his career), has managed to beat MLS keepers just three times in 11 league games, one of which was a PK.