Family and career made it an easy choice for goalkeeper Evan Bush

Big news in Montreal this morning: Evan Bush is here to stay.

That’s right. The long-time Impact goalkeeper signed a three-year extension with the Bleu-blanc-noir, keeping him in Montreal for at least three more seasons. As if it was ever in doubt.

“It was clear that there was always interest from both sides,” explained Evan Bush in an interview with Impact Media. “It was more about the nature of the contract. I really focused this negotiation on trying to get some security. The club certainly showed me their confidence and respect in me with the security they’ve given me with this contract.”

There are multiple reasons why the Ohio native wanted to continue his career in Montreal. The 32-year-old American is coming off one of his best seasons in MLS, reaching a few personal and club milestones along the way. His presence in the locker room has become ingrained in the team’s culture, and his leadership is unmatched.

Professionally, the future was never in doubt on his end of things.

“There were certainly other options available,” said Bush. “But it wasn’t something that I was really interested in. I didn’t want to move just to move or chase the highest amount possible. I always wanted to focus my attention primarily on Montreal. I feel like I’ve become somewhat of a pillar for the club. I’ve been here for longer that some careers. Staying in Montreal means I continue something that I’ve started here with the club and our supporters.”

Family first                                                         

By now, we all know his story. Evan Bush first joined the Bleu-blanc-noir in its USL days, a year before making the jump to MLS. He’s seen the club transform before his eyes into what it has become today, playing an important role in the process.

Bush has called Montreal home for close to a decade and has seen his personal life transform over his years living in this city.

“Both my kids are born here. They know nothing other than Montreal,” explained Bush. “It would’ve been hard to pick them up and move them. The fact is they’re very comfortable here, they like the community they live in, they like their friends and the schools that they go to. We’ve become engrained in the community here in multiple ways. It would have made it difficult to leave. At some point, that might happen, but the fact is, when it was time to decide whether I’d stay here or try to pursue something else, I really preferred to stay here.”

The man between the posts will now kick off his ninth season with the club in 2019, a season which promises to be exciting for Bleu-blanc-noir supporters. At least we know for sure, on opening day, standing in front of one of our supporters’ groups when the game kicks off, will be Evan Bush. There will also be a lot more of that country music in the training centre his teammates have come to love.

“I know how rare it is in professional sports to be able to call one club home for so many years, and the feeling of pride when putting on the jersey is something that I do not take for granted in return. I look forward to building upon several of the milestones I have reached in the club’s history over the coming years.”