New IMFC staff looking for leadership at draft


Mauro Biello has a number of MLS Combine and SuperDraft experiences under his belt, but this time, he’s covering some new ground as it’s his first as the Impact’s head coach.

“The Combine was a good experience for us as a new staff,” said Biello. “We got to see some good young talent and it was exciting for us to see which player might fit and help us build our team.”

As the new bench boss for the Bleu-blanc-noir, Biello’s role in the draft process has expanded.

“Organizing meetings and structuring them is important to allow for analysis. We have had some good discussions as a staff about which player might be able to help us in the future.”

In order to do so, he and his coaching staff are approaching the draft with a simple plan.

“In the first round, we are looking to take the best player available,” explained Biello. “At the 14th pick, if it comes down to two or three different guys, then we may look at our positional needs. Then in the second round, we’d be looking to add more positional depth.”

There is, however, one key characteristic that he and his staff look for, no matter where they select.

“Leadership. A player who can display initiative and leadership, whether on the field or during our interviews with them, is someone who is better prepared for difficult moments and something we value.”

The 2016 MLS SuperDraft will be held in Baltimore on Thursday at 1pm ET, and will be streamed live at