With two losses and a draw in their last two trips to New York, the U15 team has shown promise, although the results are lacking.

New York Red Bulls : solid adversity

Undefeated at home against MLS academies, the U15s wanted to prove that they were capable of showing the same intensity on the road. The game against the New York Red Bulls was a good test. If their los against the New England Revolution on the road at the end of September had seen the Montreal side dominate their opponents, the scenario was quite different in New Jersey.

The Red Bulls were more aggressive and led by two goals at halftime. The third goal sored early in the second half did not stop the U15s, who had a few chances to reduce the score, playing at an advantage following a red card from the opponent. New York finally scored a fourth goal on the counter-attack. Final score: 4-0.

“We have to accept that we were not at our best," said head coach Esteban Landazabal. “Despite some positive things, we didn't perform well enough collectively, and the team that performs better is rewarded at the top level. New York dominated us and played very well, bravo to them. We have to learn from this to better understand this type of confrontation."

Starting XI : Jean-Christophe Belzile – Joël Kontchou – Sergei Kozlovskiy (cap.) – Daniel Panait – Hevra Jounang – Armand Kadiamba – Étienne Marceau - Thomas Monnin – Eliott Germain-Aubrey – Owen Graham-Roache – Caed Casimir

Substitutes : Louka Pohu, Malek Coriélus, Daniel Dimbu-Vasile, Alexandre Drepin, Diego Nué Brito, Michael Ampofo, Laurent Santana

Goals :
NYRB – Julian Hall (24th)
NYRB – Julian Hall (32nd)
NYRB – Jaylen Lester (48th)
NYRB – Drew Huffman (80th)

New York City FC: a great reaction

The schedule did not give Montreal time to digest and analyze the previous day's game. The beginning of the game was encouraging but the New Yorkers scored three goals in a row at the half-hour mark. Heads were heavy after the first 40 minutes.

Head coach Esteban Landazabal was not discouraged and saw a comeback possible by making changes. His players put a lot of pressure in the second half. A pressure which paid off with a first goal signed by Thomas Monnin, opportunist on a mistake from the opposing keeper. The U15s accelerated again and came back to a one-goal deficit thanks to Caed Casimir who pushed a pass from Joel Kontchou into the net.

The domination was then total, but the equalizing goal was evasive. Thomas Monnin, served along the goal line, took control and went up with the ball in the penalty area where he beat the goalkeeper at the near post. The end of the game was unbridled with chances on both sides. CF Montréal had the last chance, which was turned away by the keeper. Final score: 3-3.

"All the elements were against us. The players were affected mentally from the first game but also physically with sick and injured players. What I remember from this game is our extraordinary character in this very difficult context. We could have sunk and finally we almost won the game. The result is secondary but very formative," said Esteban Landazabal.

Starting XI : Louka Pohu – Malek Coriélus – Daniel Dimbu-Vasile – Ashraf Savadogo – Alexandre Drepin – Diego Nué Brito – Étienne Marceau – Sergei Kozlovskiy (cap.) – Michael Ampofo – Caed Casimir – Owen Graham-Roache

Substitutes : Jean-Christophe Belzile, Daniel Panait, Hevra Jounang, Joël Kontchou, Thomas Monnin

Goals :
NYCFC – Sebasthian Chavez (32nd)
NYCFC – Lucas De Pinho (33rd)
NYCFC– Lucas De Pinho (35th)
CFM – Thomas Monnin (42nd)
CFM – Caed Casimir (49th)
CFM – Thomas Monnin (70th)

New York Soccer Club: a loss with a bitter taste

With the lessons learned from their first weekend in New York, the U15s arrived at the New York Soccer Club field with the desire to strike hard, as always. Montreal quickly got their hands on the ball and had several chances playing through the sides, but without finishing. The second half continued at the same pace until the hour mark when the host club scored an untimely goal. Montreal pushed to equalize with many crosses and shots, but in vain... Final score: 1-0.

"I was very happy with the team. We applied things we worked on in training well," said Esteban Landazabal. “However, our flagrant lack of finishing still punishes us. It's another lesson but it's not all bad. If we continue to play this way and adjust our finishing, we will start winning games and in the right way. We are on the right track."

Starting XI : Jean-Christophe Belzile – Joël Kontchou – Sergei Kozlovskiy – Daniel Panait – Étienne Marceau – Michael Ampofo – Thomas Monnin (cap.) – Armand Kadiamba – Eliott Germain-Aubrey – Caed Casimir – Owen Graham-Roache

Substitutes : Louka Pohu, Hevra Jounang, Daniel Dimbu-Vasile, Dany Saoud, Maxime Scaglione, Vitaliy Movchan, Diego Nué Brito

Goals :
NYSC – Andi Hani (60th)

Next up for the U15s in California is the MLS NEXT Fest tournament, a Generation adidas Cup qualifier, December 4-8. The Montrealers will face Columbus Crew FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps and Sporting Kansas City.