Loux11 in action Friday for eMLS League Series 2


Our eSports player presented by BMO Loux11 will be back in action as of this Friday for eMLS League Series 2, the second tournament of the eMLS calendar. Qualifying matches kick off Friday at 1pm, followed by the group stage on Saturday at 1pm and the official live bracket on Sunday, should Alix qualify, also at 1pm.

Loux11 is coming off a difficult first day of qualifying during eMLS League Series One, currently sitting in 20th with a 1-6-3 record. He was able to bounce back during the group stage the following day, finishing in the top 2 to enter the final bracket on Sunday, where he was edged out in the first round by KingCJ for D.C. United.

"I had a very difficult start to the tournament at League Series One," said Loux. However, I realized that the tournament still offered opportunities to qualify even after a bad start, as you only needed to finish in the top 20 to advance to the next stage of the tournament. It taught me that even when things get tough, nothing is ever over. My qualification the next day to play on Sunday is proof of that."

Alix will be hoping to keep the momentum going when League Series 2 kicks off this Friday, to try and finish as high as possible in the standings as eMLS Cup quickly approaches. He will be playing 11 qualifying games tomorrow and will need to finish in the top 20 once again to qualify to Saturday’s group stage.

"I'm feeling confident heading into League Series 2. Despite a difficult start, I was able to bounce back and finish very well last week. Getting out of the most competitive group really boosted my morale and restored my confidence in my abilities. I'm determined to qualify for the broadcast again this weekend."

You can follow Loux11 live on the CF Montréal official Twitch channel and follow the final bracket on Sunday on the MLS Twitch channel!