Our eSports player will be in Austin this weekend to participate in the eMLS Cup

The big moment of the eMLS season is finally here! Our eSports player Alix Largerie, aka Loux11, will be participating in the eMLS Cup this Sunday in Austin.

"I'm pretty confident about this tournament. If I've qualified it means I belong in the top tier and can perform well," said our eSports player presented by BMO, Loux11. “I am a little disappointed that I missed the TOP 4 by only three points, which would have given me a spot in the quarterfinals directly. As I say every time, if I want to be the best, I have to beat the best, so no matter who I play, I have to win.”


Having finished sixth overall this season, Loux11 will face AlanAvi of FC Dallas in the first round of the tournament, to try and earn a spot in the quarterfinals to face the Nashville SC representative Joksan.

“Alan Avi is a very good opponent with a lot of experience on the national and international scene," said Loux11. “Even though I finished ahead of him in the standings, he is an opponent I respect and do not take lightly. My record against him this year is one win on the season, and one loss at eLS1 in New York. Even this weekend will be a different tournament, and anything can happen."

The eMLS Cup will be in Austin for the second year in a row, during the SXSW festival, in front of the general public. The tournament on Sunday will begin at 3 p.m. EST and will be streamed live on the MLS Twitch account.  

"I'm not putting any unnecessary pressure on myself before the tournament. As always, I'm playing matches against some eMLS players, refining my tactics and trying out new players, like Kamal Miller who just got a new card and will be my captain for this tournament weekend."