Joey Saputo statement


I have never been one to hide and not face adversity head on.
Our team’s latest performance has clearly fallen short of our expectations and those of our members, supporters, and city. Rest assured that this message has been conveyed to the technical staff and the players.
Having said that, at the beginning of the year, we presented a timeline with some very clear objectives as to where this club wants to be in the next five years.
Today, our resolve and our objectives have not changed. While this season has been extremely trying on many fronts, we ask for your patience.
The support you have given us has been tremendous throughout the season and instrumental in our progress over the years. We intend to build on this support to continuously improve and make the necessary adjustments in order to reach our goals.
So as the regular season is winding down, please know that we remain, and now more than ever, committed to our loyal supporters to give you the team and brand of soccer you expect and deserve.
Joey Saputo