Consignaction becomes official partner of CF Montréal

MONTREAL – CF Montréal announced Friday a new collaboration with Consignaction for the 2022 season, as its exclusive environmental preservation partner.

CF Montréal is committed to ensuring its stakeholders and its entire organization collectively contribute to protecting the environment and sustainable development. The aim of this collaboration will strive to make Stade Saputo and its surroundings greener by promoting sound environmental practices for all those attending CF Montréal matches this season.

The partnership will allow CF Montréal and Consignaction to jointly raise awareness and educate attendees about deposit refunding throughout the 2022 season. In addition to providing deposit bins and other tools to promote better waste management, activation teams will be deployed on game days at Stade Saputo to engage with fans through interactive awareness activities.

“CF Montréal has a duty to ensure that its fans can make informed environmental decisions that will have a concrete and positive impact when they attend matches at Stade Saputo,” said CF Montréal President and CEO Gabriel Gervais. “We are proud to join forces with Consignaction to raise awareness and promote the recovery of deposit-refund containers.”

“We are very pleased to be a partner of CF Montréal and to contribute to creating a greener environment at Stade Saputo. This season, we will be reaching out to thousands of the Club's fans to raise awareness about the importance of returnable containers. People need to know that making use of deposit-refund containers is the most ecological recovery method available because 100% of the cans and bottles that are returned are recycled. There is no waste,” said Sophie Boissonneault, Communications Director for the Consignaction program.

About Consignaction

Consignaction is a non-profit organization that promotes various programs and initiatives to encourage consumers and businesses to recover returnable bottles and cans and to facilitate access to various recovery facilities for these containers. In Quebec, beer and soft drink cans and bottles are refundable. The deposit ensures that containers returned to retailers or deposit bins are 100% recycled.