Passionate Since the Start

Every history is unique. What makes ours different is that it began long before the founding of our team. In 1954, the Saputo family arrived in Montréal, bringing with them a knowledge of dairy products; an expertise that had been passed down from father to son. Soon Saputo cheese was being delivered throughout the city streets by bicycle.

From these humble beginnings the outline of a great story could already be seen; a story of phenomenal success that started from nothing, of tenacity and great determination. And it was this tenacity that wrote the first line in the history of our Club. In 1993, to express their gratitude towards the land that welcomed them, the Saputos united two of their great loves in life: soccer and Montréal. They offered the city something it had never had before: a professional soccer team. The first in Québec.


Now renamed CF Montréal, our momentum continues to drive us. We continue to add new pages to our history through the pride of hard-earned success, a trait that is practically in our DNA. It is our destiny.

At CF Montréal our role is TO:

  • Develop talent from grassroots to pro
  • Care and give back to our communities
  • Promote and nurture soccer culture
  • Empower and unify
  • Leave a lasting legacy
  • Represent and celebrate Montréal's identity


To fuel the dreams and emotions of aspiring players and passionate fans.


Our 5 distinguishing traits

Our various personality traits represent the unique spirit that characterizes our brand. They serve as pillars that support the clarity and richness of voice in all communication content. In order to best reflect the brand, it is essential to make use of at least some of them when in dialogue with our audiences. As with human personality traits, our various traits reveal themselves more strongly depending on the situation. It is necessary to understand which personality traits harmonize most effectively with the moment, the message, or the event, in order to use them effectively and make use of their best qualities.


We take great pride in our diversity. Of the tight bond we create with our community. And, of course, we’re proud of our team, who train hard every day so they can give it their all, climbing the ladder of success to the highest levels. Great talents are born on our Montréal pitch. Talents that go on to inspire youth here and elsewhere, fueling their soccer dreams. And for us, that’s something to be immensely proud of!¸


We have nothing to hide. How we represent ourselves is exactly who we are. Authenticity and transparency are at the heart of the team, just as they are reflected in our interactions with the public. We dare to believe that this authenticity is like a kick to the back of the net, striking a chord with all our followers. It brings out the truth in all who feel it.


We stand tall through thick and thin. We stay calm and collected in the face of adversity. Resilience plays an integral role in our Club. It allows us to remain open and present, even during the most difficult moments. Resilience is sewn right into the jersey.


For us, humility means shaking our opponent's hand with respect, no matter the outcome. It allows us to face each other when the time has come to convert challenges into opportunities. Humility keeps us grounded both in defeat and at the heights of glory. By staying humble, our team spirit remains strong. By staying humble we go further together.


They say the grass is always greener on the other side. But if you ask us, our field is looking pretty green. Because our vision, our game plans, our talent and every other decision we make helps grow our confidence. We feel it in ourselves

and in others. We believe in what we do. We have confidence in who we are.


Unity is our strength. CF Montréal is much more than a team. It’s a family that everyone is invited to join. It’s all of Montréal. Together, our strength is increased tenfold. Together, we never back down.


All our matches are played by 11+1. On the field, it’s our players who give

everything they have. But in the stands it’s the employees, the fans, the partners and the entire community that get the wave moving.


Our eyes stay glued to the ball. We remain focused during moments of adversity and moments of triumph. We move forward in a straight line, ready to confront any obstacle that stands in our way. Just try and stop us. Just try and get in our way. We’re ready.